hello, i'm kathryn!

my full name is kathryn grace lee but i typically go by kathryn or kat. 

i am the owner, artist, content creator, bookkeeper, and overall business manager of kathryn grace letters. (obviously i’m a one-woman wonder.) 

after telling myself years ago i’d never be able to be a freelancer, i find it comical that’s where i’m at today. while i have been practicing modern hand-lettering and calligraphy for about seven years now, i officially started kathryn grace letters in may 2022. it has been hard, rewarding, draining, fun, confusing, and most of all, exciting. all of the emotions. 

i have created everything from save the dates to luggage tags to wedding welcome signs to glass tumblers to addressed envelopes. my favorite part of running this business is being given artistic challenges. i love it when people come to me with the most random requests. it helps me grow as an artist and a human. 

i have spent the last however many months really nailing down what i want kathryn grace letters to be. when people ask me, “what is your business?” i often find myself stumped. but today, i like to describe it as -

a modern hand-lettering and calligraphy studio specializing in custom art and offering varying levels of calligraphy workshops and private lessons. 

i'm so glad you found me and am excited to work together!

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